Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Inspired by Krusty Allsopp's attempts at creating a 'man-cave' for absolutely no expenditure, at all, whatsoever, and completely for free, I've decided to concentrate on one of the grittier aspects of austerity-chic this month.
Hopefully in this blog, I'll tell you how to source stuff, without spending too much (or any!) money, and how you can fill your house with it, occasionally to the brim.
Of course, in Krusty's world, you need to do this before university, but after having several children and buying a flat (obvs).

This is one occasion where I'd unusually recommend that you DON'T go to Tesco.
Their Bogofs do suggest that there is a 'free' aspect to the transaction; but did you know that you're not actually getting anything free, but just two things at half-price?!?
No. I recommend going to garage-sales, jumble-sales or carboot-sales, just as the vendors are packing away.
The wife recently got a free electric piano that takes up the whole of our dining-room, despite the fact that neither of us can play the piano!
We now use it as a sideboard for storing all the free stuff we have got from other garage sales.

Don't be afraid to scour lay-bys.
A good splash of catering-sized cooking oil and the odd slice of broken white goods, can jolly-up a shed or garage, and can often put spice back into your convoluted storage systems.
I know some of my regular readers are keen on attracting birds, and the added bonus of bringing home drums of used oil, is the amount of fat-balls one can create from just a 20 litre tin.
Birds love fat balls, and who am I to judge?

Pre-Loved, Ebay and Freecycle are ok I suppose.

Once you've filled your house with loads of unwanted stuff, why not do as Krusty does, and go out and spend all the money you've saved on a new house?
Then you can fill up your new house with loads more stuff, keeping Britain ever so tidy, and 'the economy' buoyant, bouncy, bubbly and twee.

Everything everyone else thought they wanted, but then threw away.
Internet subscription (for Freecycle et al)
Broadband/Telephone Line
Car (or Van will do)
Free Time ( Optional - may be a little expensive)

For the source: Turn off the television.