Sunday, 4 September 2011


The more I'm forced to watch Mo Farah run, the more I fall in love with distance-running on the track.
And when looking at the starting line-ups, who could fail to see the ironies, however small?

About five years ago, Mohammed's closest rival was Jesus.
Jesus Espana (of Spain), would often match Mo stride-for-stride in the 5000 metres.

Now Farah relies on the quicker pace of Galen, to help him reach his goal.
Galen Rupp, Mo's training partner, is as much a part of the Essex Beagle's track success, as was his recent move to America.

And it's always good to see an Irishman in the mix;
even if his name is Craggy.

Craggy Ireland finished 14th in the World Cup Athletics in Daegu this evening.
Jesus crossed the line in front of the Irish, but still finished 11 places behind Mohammed.
Galen ended up 9th.

This pleases me.
On so many levels.

Carry on entertaining.

*Galen is both the name of the evolution-sceptic hero and the omniscient doctor in Planet Of The Apes.

2012 Poster Boy - Mo Farah

2012 Poster Girl - Hannah England

Runner-Up - Perri Shakes Drayton

**I researched the names 'Perri', 'Perry', 'Mohammed' and 'Mohamed' on the internet.
As Mo's Somali name is Maxamed Mow Faarax, it seems inconsequential whether there are two 'm's or not.
The correct spelling of Perri depends on whether you believe the BBC or the Guardian, Wikipedia or Google, Channel4 or Nike.

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