Wednesday, 2 November 2011


A man who struggles to understand when 'No' means 'No'.
Let's look at the facts;

Visits police station in stockinged feet, even in winter

Knowingly breaks his curfew to watch Titti T Rash.

Doesn't know who Ricky Ponting is.

Illegally films inside Beccles Police Station, outside of curfew.

Sanctions his autobiography, then denies its validity.

Actually isn't 'that bloke from Wikipedia' at all.

Prefers Waveney Valley in a tag, than Sweden without.

Cannot maintain a sensible haircut.

Didn't follow the Ashes, but happily redacted cables about boring stuff.

Thinks extradition should be requested by defence, rather than prosecution.

Has been told 'No' twice now, and still appeals, wasting valuable court time, and losing credibility in doing so.

Looks suspiciously like John Inman.

If you didn't do it Julian, go face the music.
The Swedes are lovely.

Justice will prevail, you know that.........

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