Saturday, 3 March 2012


I am more than happy that provenance of food, and 'growing-your-own' has become another consumer-friendly pursuit of the middle classes as of late, but I am beginning to realise that other, less scrupulous horticulturalists are embracing these new technologies for illegal purposes; namely, the production of illegal Class A & B drugs.

I have mentioned in my other blog "Yanny Mac - Dwile Flonker" how easy it is to inadvertently procure illegal substances, particularly if one 'hangs out' with the right people
(see Allotment Alan's adventures at ).
I have also railed against the use of suggestive, highly-sexualised and profane language by the economy fish-finger, ex TV presenter, and now wannabe-journalist, Alys Fowler.

But this week she has gone too far.
In the Guardian Weekend supplement, of all places.

It would appear that her father introduced her to smack at an early age.
He told her how to access opium from poppies, and then regaled her with stories about 'chasing the dragon'.
Fowler herself goes on to describe how she 'is addicted to opium'.
And how it has become an obsession, and how she often tries to grow {poppies out of a} crack.

It's this sort of mindless, flippant, provocative writing that encourages our children to listen to the Devil's music, and subsequently sniff hair gel; ultimately leading to a life on benefit culture, addicted to soap, fast food takeaways and mind bending substance abusiveness.

I say it's time to regulate the musings of the liberal left media.

I say "Bring back Mary Whitehouse".

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