Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Very First Test

Coldest night of the year.
Jonathan Agnew on FiveLive Extra.
Red Button (Graphics).
A 'sultry morning' at the Gabba on the other side of the world.
I'm suddenly aware that I however, am on the mist-shrouded, semi-frozen Broads.
The coals on the fire diminish as my breath colours the air.
The game is afoot with a winning toss and Sir Geoffrey reminds us all of the value of privilege.
The cats are non-plussed.
The excitement of a late-night has dwindled like the coals.
With England batting first, my body language leads them from food bowl to water, in anticipation of a slow few hours.
A minute's silence for 29 miners.
But no 'Land of Hope & Glory'. No 'Jerusalem'.
As a tenor leads fair Australia into advancing young & free.
Hilfenhaus to Strauss.
A nominal indictment on former colonial policies.
3rd ball. A wicket.

The game was afoot but my eyes were closed before Trott got them off.
A start,
that was, by morning,
over at stumps
and blanketed with a thick layer of snow.

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