Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cricket's Greatest Ever Test Series (Bob Willis)

BBC Radio 5Live had a phone-in-cum-wankfest yesterday evening, about what should 'top' the all-time best ever cricket Test Series.
Inevitably, 2005 and 1981 demanded the greatest amount of airtime.
1960 and the Bodyline tour were given a scant glance .

And it all coincided with a Botham 'tribute', on the BBC.

If 1981 is voted 'the best' this evening
(and listening to the 40-something pundits' glee at reminiscing over O'Levels and 3 channel TV, I have no reason to doubt it will),
I sincerely hope Mr.Willis is given the credit he is due.

Bob Willis won the 1981 Series for England.
It was Bob that bowled out the Aussies.
Even with the follow-on.
Lest we forget.

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