Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Blog Standard

I've finally succumbed. I've been invited to blog about my former home county, Norfolk, and the result is......

I've not changed my Facebook status for days. I've tweeted only once in a fortnight.
I'm cyber-lazing between a slow game of Scrabble and a Latitude Festival forum, that appears to be in perpetual denial of the presence of a poetry & literary arena.
In short, I don't think I'm ready for this.

I'm told that the Latitude poetry guru (Luke Wright) thought it funny to amend the original title of my new show 'Yanny Mac - Retired', to 'Retarded', in his pre-submissions to the organisers. He then forgot to amend this, before submitting his list of acts for this year's festival.
I'm still not sure whether next year's 'festies' will be wearing tour t-shirts suggesting that performance poetry's longest-serving curmudgeon is somewhat mentally deficient?
But I've embraced the new moniker as a title for my blog.
This is my first ever blog entry, and like an unprepared teenage virgin about to embark on a deflower-arranging course, I ask you to remember your own first time.......


  1. A beautiful first blog entry. Well done.

  2. i didn't really send it in with that on it. i'm not a total tool.

    loving you blog. i'd read anything you write.

    i got genuinely excited when i saw you were writing one. x