Thursday, 16 April 2009

Stir-Freud Sugar Puffs

Can't seem to get the hang of this. It's taken me half-an-hour, two cups of coffee & a poo, to realise that in order to post another blog, I have to 'Sign-in' (it's in the top right-hand corner, if you're struggling too). As a consequence, I am now 'following' myself.
I am my only follower.
This seems a little harsh, as I have over 14 followers on Twitter (more than Jesus had in the early days), and I put much more effort into blogging, than I do tweeting.
I need to get more followers, but I have no idea how?

Clement Freud died today.
A necessary guest on Radio4 gameshows, and a member of, surely, the sexiest family in history, I cannot dig up a stronger memory of Freud, than the one of him advertising dog-food in the 1970's.
I do this with Orson Welles too.
To most people, Welles is 'Citizen Kane'; director, actor & romantic role model for the man's-man.
To me, he's the fat bloke with a beard, that advertised sherry in the 1970's.
Poet & punk icon, John Cooper Clarke once advertised Sugar-Puffs breakfast cereal in the 1970's.
I've met John, several times, and my memories of him will always be music-related, or ones of coffee-fuelled poetry-rants, flavoured with cheap hairspray & anecdote.
I never met Freud or Welles.
I don't drink sherry or eat dog-food either.

A date has been set for "BloggingForNorfolk" but I can't tell you when it is, because I don't know how to leave the blog, access my Email account, access the Email, and then go back to this blog, without losing all that I have written so far.
I will write it down on a piece of paper, and get back to you..........

RIP Clement Freud.

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