Thursday, 16 April 2009

The early hours

I'm trying to finish my "Kids-story-with-a-21st-Century moral" thing, and to be honest, I couldn't care less.
I'm in a lot of pain.
I've got psoriatic arthritis, and I spend a lot of my time pretending that I haven't.
Tonight it's caught up with me, and my only option is to 'focus the mind'.
But that's a load of bollocks.
The problem with chronic pain, is that it's all-consuming.
There's no escape.
I've taken the meds, but they're only effective in times of a minor-crisis.
A twinge can be nullified by a heavy dose of distalgesic, but a full-on flare-up takes no prisoners.
I've run out of weed.
I'm smoking salvia divorinum, but the freaky 'high', in conjunction with the meds, has made a busy kasbah of my already befuddled brain.
I'm desperate to communicate, but my tongue has become a keyboard without flexible fingers.
So many 'buts'; so little creativity.
Perhaps I should try Twitter.
Or sleep.
(The kids lacking morals can wait 'til tomorrow)

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