Saturday, 19 March 2011

Coming Off Meds (Week 7)

So I done fail.

I'm back on the meds.

Me & Crocodile Snooze are massive fans of the NHS, and we are only too aware of the financial constraints it operates under, but when we received the 'menu' for Kings Hospital's Assisted Conception service, we were astounded.

It's not cheap.

And it's not cheap because it's not that simple.

Wanking into a jam jar is just the start of it, if you ignore the compulsory consultation and it's relevant fees. The defrost & insemination take the costs into the thousands, and that's just not feasible for a couple with our income.

So it's back to traditional methods.

And it seems pointless to go through this all-consuming, chronic pain, if we aren't totally sure of when we want to conceive.

So look out Beccles & Norwich area! When I finally reduce the multiple swellings and regain mobility, I'm gonna be back out there. It feels like years, not 8 weeks, since I actually went out for a pint.

It could get messy before it gets better.

And hey! I saved myself £14-50 in prescription fees.


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