Monday, 6 June 2011


Thank God for Sarah Teather & David Cameron!
A proposed website for like-minded people to complain about the vile muckiness that most of us are subjected to on a daily basis.
I sincerely hope they let Mary Whitehouse be a moderator.

Only the other day, my teenage daughter asked me to get tickets for an event at the Norfolk Showground, a venue that has, in the past, showcased 'Wheels of Steel' and ' The East Anglian Game Fayre'.
I asked the ticket-vendor who was performing at this so-called 'weekender', and you can only imagine how disgusted I felt on hearing the line-up.

One of the musicians claimed to be a 'Professor', although subsequent investigations suggest he didn't even get his GCSEs, let alone a PGCE.
This is how peadophiles roll, I'm told.
Another pop-star seemed happy that he had a temper, albeit a very small one, and another felt proud of his achievement in not being able to increase his stride.
Do they not teach PE in schools anymore?
I can only assume that the organisers have their Rex Harrison films mixed-up, as the appearance of Eliza Doolittle alongside a talking, singing chipmunk, suggests that the doctor is not in the house.

The Norfolk Showground, once an arena for the Best in Breed, is now a breeding-ground for the worst in filth & degradation.

Please Mary Whitehouse.
Come back and save us all......

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