Friday, 17 June 2011


I enjoy my weekly trip to Tesco, especially when it's a little cooler than of late, and the young folk are dressed sensibly.
But this week, despite it raining on most days, I was horrified at what I saw in aisle 15(condiments & sauces).
Since when did Guinness make ketchup?
And why is Jack Daniels making barbecue sauce?
I understand Levi Roots wants us to get jiggy-jiggy with his chilli & vinegar concoction; and due to his relentless tv appearances, he appears to have convinced the buyers.
But why alcohol brands?

Is this an attempt at subliminal association?
"Ere Duchess. We'll need sauce for the burgers. Oh, and pick us up a crate of cool, refreshing sour mash whiskey while you're there?"

Or is this just global domination by manufacturer?
This week, Heinz meets Diageo.
Next week Nestle' meets Pampers - "it's not what you put in, it's where it comes out".
I'm all for innovation, but peddling the same rubbish, under bigger marques or logos, doesn't really suggest progress.
No-one wants fish fingers made by Durex.

Mary Whitehouse would never have put up with this.
You know what to do.......

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