Tuesday, 3 May 2011


It saddens me to see such disagreeable filth on the shelves of our local newsagent, ranging from magazines designed for those who think a house interior is some sort of money-making project, to periodicals aimed at women of a certain age, with a sick penchant for crochet and baking.
But imagine my disgust when today, on purchasing the Beccles & Bungay Journal, I was subjected to the most abhorrent picture my eyes have ever laid upon!
A young 'man', with the largest of gay faces I have ever seen, gazed wistfully into the newspaper's banner, clutching another young 'man' to his chest, the latter sporting the smallest of gay faces possible. The so-called 'local poet' was involved in a tawdry affair, so vile in fact, that I could not bring myself to read the article in its entirety, but needless to say, the strapline ended "....gay library fight".
Inside the paper, on page 3 no less, the big gay face (this time looking like a lesbian that wears dungarees) had written a poem criticising politicians, that positively encouraged our youngsters to "drown....in beer".
Another line cried out "Hurrah! A bum......year".
The other smaller man, screwed his little gay face up for the photo, reminiscent of a young John Lydon, and pointed at the camera, as if to say "You lot can fuck off!"
He was quoted as saying " (I) loves to run around in the beautiful enclosed garden", presumably half-naked and monged-out on Relentless?

The state of our media is in crisis.
And this is why I emphatically plead once again;

PLEASE Bring Back Mary Whitehouse!

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