Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I am not a man that cares much for personal image.
The comedian Patrick Lappin once remarked that I was luckier than most, due to having a full head of hair. I was surprised at this remark, as I thought he had observed at first-hand, my constant struggle to maintain my mane, whilst creating a look of nonchalance & carefree abandon.
Other than hair & make-up, and the occasional amphetamine-based diet, my interest in how I look is far from healthy. This all changed recently when my wife decided that I should now be alluring in the bedroom.

I change my underpants, on average, once every five years.
I purchase a job-lot of trunks/shorts, consider pouches, dismiss pouches, go commando for a week or two, and then reach a compromise with my testicles, that normally involves compulsory bagging-up whenever we have house guests.

So imagine my concern and disgust when I was confronted by the cheap, tacky and exploitative nature of gentlemen's knickers, freely available online.
The suggestion that fellas only wear grundies for the act of sexual pleasuring left me astounded.
What sort of messages are we sending out when our posteriors are covered in suggestive slogans such as "I'll work hard for your happy ending" and "I'll shake you all night long"?

No. This must be stopped, before we end up in a society that portrays men as sex objects, and prevents them from experiencing an innocent upbringing.
Shame on you clothes manufacturers.

I say again;
Bring Back Mary Whitehouse!

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