Monday, 23 May 2011

The Ubiquitous Ms.Long

We followed you for a bit
on Twitter
but it felt like teaching politics
to a classroom full of six year-olds
And then you did UK Uncut
and Skins
some things
we're much more grateful for
And what’s more
we liked seeing you
at festivals and such
But today we heard you
on FiveLive radio
with Nick Hancock
and Rhona Cameron
And someone talking loudly
about how some sport is rubbish
if it isn't quite British
And how the workmen
in your proud London boroughs
migrate every day from Essex
by the sea
But we didn't want to hear that
not from you
not from anyone
You are much less crapper
than ropey idle chatter
So go back to Hackney Ms.Long
and pick up a pen
Go home Josie, go home
and start writing the good stuff again

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